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 It is time to bring our anti-oppressive activism to our community. AntiRacistAF recognizes that many of our activist initiatives need help to run.  We'd like to help! AntiRacistAF will work with you to create a hand-designed, craftivated art piece to add to apparel, and sell in our store, with a portion of proceeds going towards your activism. 


The goal of this AntiRacistAF project is to:

  • Provide an opportunity to to work together to bring change and build a just community.

  • Raise funds for your activist initiative/s

  • Get our messages of activism seen

Wearable Activist Consultation  $50.00

This AntiRacistAF Give-Back project is set an equitable price point, because we recognize that access to resources can be a barrier in activism work, and altruism is a philosophy we are bringing into our micro-business.


The consultation process begins with receiving some information from you! This 4 hour consultation will allow usto determine if your project is in accord with the messaging of AntiRacistAF. During this time you will be able to share what sort basic design elements you'd like to see such as colors, font types, and let us know the duration of fund raiser (up to 90 days, additional time can be negotiated) .   You can expect to receive a design work response within 72 hours of your initial email (excludes weekends and holidays). No further design work will be conducted without further permission from you.  Your Wearable Activism Fundraiser can begin 15 days business days after design is complete, approved,  and fully added to the AntiRacistAF store. You will also receive up to three promotional images for your social media platforms. 



 *This is non-refundable and subject to terms and condition.

Let's Build A Just Community Together


Upload images we may use, such as a logo

Thank you for your activism!

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