It is evident by the stories shared in our MELANTED TAX series that feeling unwelcome is not a unique feeling to anyone person. The daily microagressions marginalized people face on a daily are exhausting. I'm asking that we make an intentional change to way we treat people, and lead through a lens aware of our implicit and explicit biases.


Rise up and let it be known that you and/or your business is

committed to anti-oppression. Be a part of this collaborative initiative

that lets the community know that we will not be a safe space for bigotry to exist. Create and upload your business' statement of

equity, diversity, and inclusion that follows anti-racist pedagogy.  AntiRacistAF will share your statement.


When we see something we will say something, we will strive to address inequities and makes changes to areas of our home and business that cause harm to our marginalized neighbors.  It is up to you to do the work to hold up to the is promise, and we must expect to be held accountable.

This is not an initiative built on good intentions, but on purposeful impact. 

*Need guidance on a statement,  please check below for an example from Art Makers Outpost.

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AMO Pledge.png