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Welcome to AntiRacist AF, where the focus is put on being altruistic humanists, that uplift and hold space for people historically marginalized by society's oppressive systems.
Through activist initiatives of collaboration,
we will be able to make changes to our  local and immediate community, which will
create positive impacts globally.


What is AntiRacistAF?

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AntiRacistAF is a microbusiness. It's just me, Fuschia (she/ella)with family support at my side. I am fiercely vocal when it comes to pushing our community to do better, not just for my home, but for everyones'.  I largely center my work on anti-racism, specifically anti-Black racism and misogynoir, but lead I my life through an anti-oppressive lens, which is a space of constant learning and growing. 

Anti-oppressive work is not easy work and it calls for self-care, which I have found in my art, genealogy, community building, cultural appreciation and representation. is an initiative created to share what I love, with the goal of liberation though abolition.


Never underestimate the power of one! all it takes is just one spark to ignite a fire in others, So that together we can dismantle institutional oppression and put our community over the individual.