Anti-Racism Art Festival

With Help From Our Partners

Ally Henny

Art Makers Outpost

Ash Luna

Axé Capoeira Chicago

Darkest Horse

Endless Greens

Evanston Latinos

Evanston Made

Evanston Public Library

Eze Yoffi

Ice House Gallery

Mobile Art Cart

Monkee Paint



Moran Center

Myisha T. 

niceLena & Friends

Nina Brady

PTA Equity Project

Ridgeville Park District

Sarah E. Dennis, Ph.D.

Sprint To Equity

Stem School Evanston

Tina Strawn

YEA Festival

Yoli Maya Yeh

Yvonnie DuBose


We're Going Virtual With Hashtag #AntiRacistAF

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Inspirational Anti-Racist  Writer//Speaker 

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Brazilian Martial Art

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The Dance Fight

Created By The Enslaved As Self-Defense