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The Story of Creativism @ AntiRacistAF

Fine art and creating have always been the center of life for AntiRacistAF owner Fuschia.  She has always found a way to bring art in to her life and in 2011 she  began hand-painting and creating t-shirts for her children. Friends and family would rave about the craftsmanship and designs, asking for custom

made-to-order designs of their own. 

Realizing people were interested in her artistic styling, Fuschia began creating & selling hand-designed wearable art as a hobby.

Once Fuschia's children reached school age, she became involved in the equity, diversity, and inclusion movement, participating and leading many community initiatives set on disrupting inequities that impact minoritized peoples.   



Instinctively drawn to art, creativity, anti-oppression, advocacy, and protesting, craftivating and creativating on clothing is a natural intersection of her love of art and activism.  Some pieces are created using hand-carved stamps made from recycled materials, while others are created using  digital art and printing.


It is through Fuschia’s love of creating that she has continuously found ways to bring art to the community as a way of protest by introducing visual art pieces the people can be a part of.  Serving up messages of wearable activism for your closet and home.


Message Focused

Wear your activism!

Fuschia creates each original design in her home outside of Chicago. Even with high demand, she works tirelessly

to fulfill custom, hand-crafted, made to order, wearable art.

Now AntiRacistAF looks ahead to new collections dropping, with additional messages of pride and dissent.

These new collections will include "print on-demand" designs designed by Fuschia of AntiRacistAF.


Customers love the personal aspect and uniqueness that is creativated by AntiRacistAF. Unlike most brands, all of AntiRacistAFs stamped pieces are created handmade-to-order.

While AntiRacistAF offers a collection of designs, there is also a custom design option where Fuschia will work 1-on-1 with customers to make something just for you. 

*Items pictured are examples of customized pieces. No two items are exactly alike, every item is a work of art hand-created just for you*

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Jute & Flax Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Are you looking for custom printing? Check out Jute & Flax, custom print and design studio, a business my spouse and I started in 2022 after learning to print AntiRacistAF gear and merchandise.

 We bring our lifelong love of art and design to you.

Place your custom printing orders at


*Proudly owned by people of the global majority.*

Se habla Español. 

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