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For Our Ancestors,
For Our Successors:
A Black Story
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Were you raised in an historically Black neighborhood that has gone through gentrification? AntiRacistAF, and Every Single Person Committed to

Anti-Racism's Impactful Encounters would like to ask our Black family to collaborate on this new community truth-telling art piece that will focus on sharing our stories of our Black neighborhoods. Our stories will be transformed into a virtual art installation to illustrate our roots.  Once it is safe to do so, this storytelling series will become a live art piece.

Please fill out and share this form with other Black folks that grew up in Black neighborhoods that have been ravished by gentrification, help bring to light our Roots. 

*answer the questions to best of your knowledge. adding "unsure" or N/A (not applicable) is acceptable*

*By filling out any of our Storytelling forms you are agreeing to AntiRacistAF Privacy Policy. 


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Want to take a deeper dive into your Afro-American lineage?

Click Here 

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If you’re interested in committing to Anti-Racism work, and live in the Evanston, IL area, please join

ESPCAR Anti-Racism in Action on Facebook.

Every Single Person 

Committed to Anti-Racism

*political campaigning is not welcome*

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