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Contribute To AntiRacistAf Community Collaboration Fund

Contribute To AntiRacistAf Community Collaboration Fund

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AntiRacistAF can use your help in our community building! These initiaves include protest, gatherings, partnerships, petitions, meetings, learning opportunities, events, event support, community art projects, and storytelling. These initiatives use supplies, rental fees,  and subscription services, we humbly ask that our friends, neighbors, and supporters to help us make these projects come to life.

Follow AntiRacistAF on social media to check out past projects and to stay update on current projects! Such as a large number of AntiRacism Playdates, Yarn Bombing, Chalking-The-Walk and Sign Making for a number protest, rallies, and parades,  creating Virtual Content, and  StoryTelling, with more to come. Please consider helping AntiRacistAF bring Anti-Oppressive Community Collaboration to life.

* At this time contributions are NOT tax deductable *


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