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Welcome to AntiRacistAF

Bringing Activism Art to Our Community and to Your Closet

As the descendant of American chattel enslavement, we are grounded in the West African ideology of Sankofa. In order to move ahead we must always look to the past.  Everything we do is in honor of our ancestors and for the betterment of our successors.  For AnitRacistAF this means that  we focus on being altruistic humanists.  We uplift and hold space for people historically marginalized by society's oppressive systems.


Through activist initiatives of thoughtful collaboration and partnerships, artistic expressions, creative concepts, and ancestral inspirations we will be able to make changes to our  local and immediate community, in order to create a future of positive impacts globally.

Get involved and let's put our anti-racism to action! 

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While defining Anti-Racism we must understand that race and racism are social constructs with the sole purpose of upholding systems and institutions that oppress people of color, while giving unmerited power and privileges to white people. Anti-Racism examines the power imbalances between people of color and white people, with the goal of true abolition and liberation through dismantling racist systems of oppression.

 Anti-oppressive work never stops. Be active, keep learning,  keep listening, be an accomplice, do the work. 

Our Story

The journey to AntiRacistAF is a grass roots initiative that began with Anti-Racism Playdates, community based protest events organized to combat the racism our children were experiencing in around schools. The organization grew into the planning of Anti-Racism Art Festival, which was regrettably cancelled due to the pandemic.


Wanting to continue activism work, while sheltering in place, we shifted gears and started AntiRacistAF a micro-business of hand-created activism gear for your closet and home. Our work centers anti-racism and anti-oppression culture in a way that is fiercely vocal and unapologetic, bringing your activism to wherever you are.


We greatly appreciate your support of AntiRacistAF and all of our community initiatives!

Many Thanks,



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