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The Journey To Anti-Racism
Through The Art Of Community Collaboration


Join AntiRacistAF in our community building activist initiatives including: protest, gatherings, partnerships, petitions, meetings, learning opportunities, events, event support, community art projects, and storytelling.

Follow AntiRacistAF on social media to check out past projects and to stay update on current  and upcoming initiatives!

Please consider contributing to our  collaboration efforts. With your help we are able to gather supplies, permits, teachers, artists, facilitators, etc. please consider contributing or shopping with us, so that we can bring activism to the community! 

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Put Your Anti-Racism Into Action!

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The Legacy of Storytelling

  Telling our truths through the art of stories is a tradition in which we navigate our journey through life.  Stories are passed on as a guide, a means of self-care,  a way to bear witness, to encourage and discourage, to share our joy, pain, love, and laughter.

Storytelling is way for us to be free, sing, dance, taste,

teach, learn, soar, persevere, see, hear, whisper, and scream.

We get to dream, cry, endure, heal, and feel all of the feelings scripted out in letters and sounds, colors and codes.

It is here, in the art of storytelling, that we join

our ancestors and we reach our successors.

 Be A Part Of The Legacy 

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