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Anti-Racism ART Festival

ANTI-racist Art Festival 
Is moving to a hashtag movement please see update!

With the help of our Anti-Racist friends, Anti-Racism Playdates have been an amazing success! Through volunteers we've provided our families with activities, crafts, games, art projects, books, photos, snacks, learning opportunities, and community building all in the name of Anti-Racism! We want to keep everything we love about Anti-Racism Playdates going, plus bring together our artistic expression and talent into our

Anti-Racist Art Festival.   We are welcoming art from all ages

and in all mediums.

*To become a sponsor or to submit art samples please email: 



Anti-Racist Art Festival is a part of ESPCAR Anti-Racism in action.  We are neither a "not for profit" or a "for profit" organization, we are grassroots group actively working to identify and eliminate racist systems, attitudes, and actions, while building an Anti-Racist community. One of the ways we work towards an Anti-Racist society is with the help of our neighbors and with our children through play. Planning for the first Anti-Racism Playdate  began in 2018 as a protest for our children being racially attacked, and our neighbors complicity in the face of these attacks. The goal was to let these children know that their community loves and wants them here, and for our local Anti-Racist to come together. Help us show everyone know that Anti-Racism is growing and we will no longer be silent.

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If you’re interested in committing to Anti-Racism work, and live in the Evanston, IL area, please join

ESPCAR Anti-Racism in Action on Facebook.

Every Single Person 

Committed to Anti-Racism

*political campaigning is not welcome*

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Sponsors & volunteers needed to bring & lead

Anti-Racist activities, crafts, games, donate books, fundraise,

donate snacks


set-up clean-up

We're Going Virtual With Hashtag #AntiRacistAF

Show off your


artwork at our


Art Festival



Every Single





Working towards building an 



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